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Pet Behaviour

Dog Training In-person or Online

Dog training/behaviour can solve problems or avoid issues in the future!

To have a happy, friendly and obedient dog, you need to nail your cycles of behaviour, create building blocks and tie all together with grouping training. Come with me and I'll show you the way.

Separation Anxiety and Home Alone Training

Monthly training and support for adult dogs and puppies. Stop the problematic behaviours like barking, whining, destroying objects and pees in the house while you're away.

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Behavioural consultations

For those who need a hand in solving behavioural issues in dogs or puppies. I offer in-person or online appointments and packages to work on aggression, separation anxiety, abnormal and repetitive behaviour and other training problems.

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Shape your puppy into a well behaved and friendly dog

Practical exercises to prep you to your dog to arrive, for training to be well behaved in daily situations and to support you during the first 3 months. 

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Meet the Behaviorist

Patrícia specialises in well-mannered and happy dogs. She believes in fear and force-free dog training, and she uses science-based training. She worked alongside vets for years as a clinical behaviourist. She’s helped 800+ dogs and guardians to live easier and happier lives with their dogs.

Aside from practical experience, she also has wide-ranging knowledge of behaviour modification and applied behaviour analysis.

She’s a Dog Behaviourist and provisional member of APBC (in the process of certification) and a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer.

Specialised in the areas:Aggression & Resource GuardingImpulsive ControlSeparation AnxietyAbnormal Repetitive Behaviour

Meet Patricia
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