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About elizavet+ 

We are an independent, friendly, compassionate and ethical vet clinic designed around you and your pet. 

We provide a comprehensive range of surgical procedures for your pets in the friendly environment of our clinic. Our goal is to offer an excellent, cost-effective and efficient service.

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We are a progressive veterinary clinic that recognizes the integrity of every client who enters into our clinic.


As a cohesive team, our unwavering dedication is to provide unparalleled veterinary care, setting the bar for the highest industry standards.

At the very heart of our veterinary community lies empathy, ensuring that every pet and pet owner feels understood and supported.

Our guiding principles of quality, integrity, and compassion form the cornerstone of our ethos, guiding us in every aspect of our practice.


ElizaVet is committed to strengthening the human-animal bond through better vet care.


Located in the heart of London, we are one of the few locally owned veterinary clinics, and that distinction shows in everything we do. We treat your pet as if it were a part of our family. 

We offer both medical, routine and advanced surgical treatment. This means you can visit for routine procedures such as, vaccines and general health checks, but also for more complex veterinary care. We treat your pets as they are our own; with gentleness and understanding.


Our clinic has been accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.


Facilities, equipment, staff, and medical protocols are yearly assessed by an inspector to maintain the highest standards of veterinary care.

Dr. Dario Ambrogio
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